Name Description Date
A day at school An (almost) normal day at school, except that I took my new digi... 01/25/2001
Another day at school Just another day at school. 03/14/2001
Loveresse Loveress is a small village in the french speaking part of switz... 05/06/2001
Bellinzona A field trip to Bellinzona with an old bus. 05/18/2002
Expo.02 A trip to Biel/Bienne for the Expo.02, the national swiss exhibi... 05/25/2002
Philmparty It was actually titled as a 'movie party', which it actually was... 06/24/2002
Last School day The last school day before the A-levels: A big party the evening... 12/06/2003
Charlie This is our family's cat. 07/19/2006
My new camera Last friday afternoon I've bought a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ7. Her... 12/17/2006
My new camera 2 A collection of some photos taken with my new camera. 12/17/2006
Daily life - January 2007 A sunset, the moon, snow (finally), vegetables, Charlie and a fr... 01/30/2007
Sky and water Some more moon photos, Iridium flares, rain and snow 04/15/2007
Sun and Moon Some photos of a sunset and different lunar phases 04/24/2007
April - July Various photos (Bugs, rain drops and Charlie) 07/15/2007
Dirty Mouse My Mighty Mouse didn't work anymore. So I had to clean it... 08/07/2007
Insects Insects are really cool. If you don't like them, you don't want ... 12/26/2007
VIS Brunch Christmas brunch of our student association 12/21/2007
Snow & white frost There was no snow this christmas, but white frost can make thing... 12/26/2007
Macro Some pictures taken with my new macro lens 10/28/2009